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October 4, 2016

Dear Students,

One of our requirements is that students take the GRE exam as part of their admission process. Here is some information about the GRE in case you have questions about this part of the application.

General information about the GRE is available on-line at

The GRE is offered on an appointment basis at a variety of testing centers.  It is no longer offered on a single-day administration. Through the website provided above, GRE Test-takers create an account, choose a test center from a list, and put in a reservation/appointment to take the test on a particular day. Once you set-up your account, you should go to “Register for the General Test” and the system will ask for your zip code, giving you a range of options of testing centers in your area. Next, the test-taker must make a date and time selection for your appointment. You can choose “Find available seats in a 3 month period” or “Find available seats for a specific day.”  The website asks test-takers to book early because the slots fill up.

The application deadline at UTSA for Fall Semester is July 1. Since it takes a couple of weeks for the scores to arrive at UTSA, and for the Graduate School to process that piece of your application, the test should ideally be taken six weeks before UTSA’s deadline. 

Students sometimes ask how the GRE scores factor into our admissions process. We consider the GRE as one of many parts of the complete application, which includes your statement, your letters of recommendation, your preparation in history, and the grades that you have earned in your studies. We look at your results on the GRE as one piece of the application only.  

Hopefully this information will help you complete your application. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the GAR or the Department Staff if you have questions about the process and how to complete your remaining application requirements.

GAR: Kirsten Gardner

Department Staff info here.

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